Bespoke Roof Access Solutions

Burnley Roofing offer bespoke solutions and alternatives to all our standard safety systems in Burnley.

Bespoke Roof Access Solutions

Regardless of structural limitations, obstructions and location you can be sure our experts will be able to design and implement a safe access solution conforming to the latest HSE standards. We offer free site visits to discuss specific requirements.

We also undertake site safety surveys where one of our teams will assess the building and provide a report detailing available options and provide a bespoke specification and quote.

Whether it’s a free standing, weighted guard railin, or a mechanically fixed system, guard rails offer edge protection to both pitched and flat roofs in Burnley.

Guardrail Edge Protection Systems

Guard rails enable safe access to roof structures, whether it be for maintenance, plant installation or inspection. Unlike with roof line and anchor systems, specialist harness and man-safe line training is not required to gain access to a guard rail protected roof.

One of the major costs associated with roof maintenance is scaffolding, with a permanent guard rail system installed, there is no need for full scaffolding for future roof works. This amounts to a major saving in the long run. A guard rail system allows a workforce without specialist training access to the roof, further facilitating cost savings.