Industrial Gutter services by Burnley Roofing

As specialists in gutter maintenance, we are able to offer a full and unrivalled level of quality services to all industry sectors, including:


  • Gutter cleaning and maintenance
  • Gutter renewal and repairs
  • Gutter replacement
  • Complete gutter systems, including new builds and re-design
  • Gutter replacement including wider outlet installation
  • Waterproofing
  • Leak and overflow prevention
  • Gutter lining and relining.


We never compromise on service and quality, we are experts in working with old steel, asbestos and concrete gutters. We offer industry leading gutter lining systems, all robust in nature and flexible.
All our work is fully guaranteed, cost effective and with no internal access required, causes very minimal disruption to business operations.

Siphonic Gutters

How it all works

Siphonic drainage is very simple and works in much the same way as a simple tube siphon (the way you would empty a fish tank). The action of water dropping down a pipe will cause water to continuously fall from the top due to negative pressure, until the water is all drained. Baffle plates installed at the top of the system restrict air from being able to enter the system which is what causes the suction. The negative pressure is strong enough to pull water along both vertical and horizontal pipes.

The benefits this gives are:


  • Each gutter will have only one or two downpipes.
  • Underground drainage can be eliminated internally in building.
  • For sites with a requirement for SuDS, siphonic drainage will allow water to be delivered at a designated point at shallow depth.


Where should siphonic systems be specified?


Almost any building can be drained siphonically but with the following provisions:


  • Large industrial, storage or retail buildings will show much greater benefit gains over gravity drainage.
  • The gutters or flat roof areas must be large enough to accept a siphonic outlet, and must have adequate access for maintenance.